Cutting the furniture boards consists in cutting them to specific dimensions. To optimise the amount of materials used and the time of completion, each cutting is subjected to prior optimisation in a modern programme.

Unlike our competition, our system is based on multidimensional optimisation. The optimisation involves considering not only surface of the boards but also material costs, tool wear and time.

What does the cutting process look like?
We use large panel saws to make the cut. The length of the cut line is 4.2 m. The projection, i.e., the projection of the saw above the table is 12 cm. The head is equipped with two cutting discs, driven by motors with a total power of 30 kW, which allow us to simultaneously cut 5 plates. The first disc, called the “bottom disc” is designed to cut the plate from the bottom, so that the bottom surface of the material will not be frayed by the main disc, while the second disc is to provide additional cutting quality. As it is easy to guess, the bottom disc must make a minimally wider incision than the cut made by the main saw. Typically, the teeth of the “bottom disc” are shaped trapezoidally, so that it is possible to adjust the width of the incision to the main blade, which after each sharpening has a different tooth width. An additional simplification is the use of servomotors for setting the “bottom disc”. Thus, the operator, with one small stroke, adjust both discs.
The minimal resulting edge (within 0.1 m) is eliminated when formatting on CNC or in the process of gluing through diamond pre-cutters.